Collection: Skills 101

Anyone looking to know their way around the kitchen needs to get all the basics down pat before they start trying to tackle the more advanced recipes. In our Skills 101 collection, you’ll learn how to master the rudimentary skills that are essential for everyday cooking. Chef Addie Gundry takes you step-by-step through various cooking techniques in videos such as Knife Skills and Introduction to Sauces. Addie will walk you through everything from choosing the correct kitchen tools and ingredients you need to stock your kitchen to how to properly handle and care for your kitchen tools and a few of her favorite recipes to practice your new-found skills! Whether you’re new to the kitchen or you’re looking to finesse your technique, you’ll love learning how classically trained chef, Addie Gundry, navigates her way through the kitchen.

November 15, 2018

How to Cook Eggs

Once you’ve mastered eggs, you’ve mastered one of the most basic, comprehensive skills for being an effective cook. If you’re ... View Class Video

September 6, 2018

Knife Skills

The skill that takes a novice cook to the next level in the kitchen is knowing how to properly wield ... View Class Video

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