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A steaming cup of apple cider. The smell of cinnamon and clove. Freshly baked butternut squash cooked to perfection in your favorite pasta recipe. These are just a few of the reasons I can’t get enough of fall. And now it’s finally back! Fall is easily my favorite season — the changing trees, the arrival of sweater weather, the extra excuse (as if I need one) to make myself yet another cup of tea. But perhaps the best part is the opportunity to create delicious fall-inspired recipes. So are you ready to dive into some brand new fall favorites?

Let’s start with the basics: warm and cozy soups. From a hearty corn chowder to a dreamy butternut squash and simple tomato soup, you’ll find everything you need to warm your soul inside this issue. Also ripe for the picking? Apples! Happy to the Core features four delightful apple recipes (including homemade apple cider spiked with fall-inspired spices) and a bonus pear recipe we know you’ll love.

If you’re in the mood for something especially hearty, look no further than our Harvest Dinner and Chilly Day Chili features. From decadent chili stuffed with with beef and cheese (and even a variation that includes chicken), to a cheesy baked Pumpkin Pasta that’s absolutely to die for, you’ll get full fast on all these fall favorites after whipping up any number of these recipes.

And don’t worry; we haven’t forgotten dessert. From easy apple bars to some of our favorite fall cakes (including pumpkin spice dump cake, cinnamon roll cake, and more) you’ll find a little something to satisfy everyone’s fall cravings no matter what they are.

Happy cooking!


Cooking bread pudding in your slow cooker is an autumn breeze with this recipe. With cinnamon raisin bread as the base and all of the fall flavors you can imagine, the caramel sauce on top really seals the deal! Read Recipe

Who doesn’t love a flavorful and nutty coffee cake to enjoy with your favorite fall latté? This coffee cake has all the flavors and textures of a pecan pie and the smoothness of a buttermilk cake. Read Recipe

If hot cocoa and a campfire s’mores came together in a mug, this would be the result! If chocolate is your favorite part of a s’mores, the mug cake is about to become your go-to when it’s just a bit too cold to make a bonfire. Read Recipe

Mushrooms and onions are commonly served atop of steak, but they truly shine in this pork chop recipe. All of the flavors really get to know each other in the slow cooker and you won’t be disappointed with the creamy and juicy results. Read Recipe

Creamy sweet potatoes and crunchy brussel sprouts? Yes, please! This dish is a perfect side for a warm and cozy autumn meal. Read Recipe

Simple is best when it comes to tomato soup from scratch because you’re guaranteed to make it delicious every time! Serve with your favorite grilled cheese sandwich and you’ve got the perfect fall lunch. Read Recipe

If you’ve had Cincinnati Chili, you know that the cinnamon and chili spice combination is hard to beat! Make your own with this recipe and serve over noodles. Read Recipe

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