May/June 2021 Table of Contents


Choose your spice level with this easy recipe that adds a kick to your typical chicken and rice dinner. The brown sugar helps cut the spice a little bit, but it really depends on the hot sauce you choose to use. Serve with extra rice if you need to cool it down! Read Recipe

Making kabobs for a backyard party is easy and oh-so rewarding! After marinating, assemble these kabobs with a mixture of sweet, tangy and spicy ingredients that will be grilled to perfection. Read Recipe

Upgrade your cheesecake game by making this impressive-looking “twist” on a classic. Lemon zest and honey add the sophisticated flavors to this cheesecake that’s perfect for a summer dessert. Read Recipe

The best part about kielbasa is that you can serve it for just about any meal. This hash is topped with a fried egg for the perfect breakfast. Read Recipe

Potatoes on the grill? You read that right! These potato boats are packed with mushrooms, cheese and onions and are grilled to get that smoky flavor and crispy outsides. Read Recipe

First time making sushi? This recipe is a great place to start! With just veggies, you take the guesswork out of using fish and the result is still delicious and a healthy way to get your veggies. Read Recipe

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