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Ready to shake off winter? Even if you can’t escape to a beach somewhere, there’s plenty of recipes you can create in the kitchen that will take your mind off the early spring chill. We’ve picked 30 recipes that will get you in a sunnier state of mind with everything from pizza to pie. Any way you slice it, pizza is a winner when you can customize it to your liking so think outside the pizza box!
Rice is a pantry staple, but we take it from side dish to main course with 5 Chicken + Rice recipes. When planning your spring meals, Easter eggs may be on your mind, so we found some egg recipes for everyone. Plus, we’ve got you covered for your Easter brunch or dinner with recipes are sure to become your new go-tos for every spring occasion. With spring comes farmers markets and we show you how you can utilize all of the best fruits and veggies the season has to offer. Shine a spotlight on the most refreshing fruit for an extra delicious spring!

BONUS! Turn Dessert Upside Down with a classic pineapple upside down cake (but this time, it’s in a slow cooker for an extra twist!)

EXTRA BONUS! Pi Day..or pie day?! Math geeks and dessert lovers, you can both rejoice! March 14 is Pi (Pi is 3.14, Pie Day is 3/14 — get it?) so we included a no-bake pie recipe to make your day even sweeter!


Bacon and chives add a savory kick to deviled eggs that makes them perfect for spring get-togethers. The key is that the bacon and chives are not just for garnish, they are actually mixed into the egg mixture for optimal flavor. Read Recipe

A good carrot cake is a staple of spring and this cake roll is a new favorite. Cream cheese frosting that is evenly layered throughout the roll makes the flavors combine in a wonderful way. Read Recipe

There’s just something so wonderful about citrus baked goods. It’s all of the flavor without the sourness associated with the raw fruit. Try this heavenly lime cake for your next family get together and you’ll have people begging you for the recipe. Read Recipe

A tried-and-true favorite, chicken fried rice is adaptable and delicious. Pick your favorite bag of frozen veggies and make this fast dinner any night of the week. Read Recipe

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