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This is a quick appetizer to make and the result is tangy and packed with flavor. Roasted red peppers, mozzarella balls and olives soak up the lemon and basil while it marinates for a refreshing combination. Read Recipe

Fresh lime juice is the key to making this cocktail taste the best it can be. Simple syrup cuts the tartness and balances the vodka in a simple and effective way. Read Recipe

Fresh raspberries and sweetened condensed milk are all you need to make your very own sorbet. It’s easy for kids to help get involved and they’ll be so excited to have their delicious treat later in the day after playing in the summer heat. Read Recipe

It’s the rich red velvet cake we know and love with a surprise swirl of cream cheese filling. Topped with a delicious glaze, this cake is a favorite and easier to make than you think! Read Recipe

A hearty and creamy dish, this retro recipe has veggies, chicken and toasted baguettes. The flavors are crowd-pleasing and a great way to get kids to eat veggies in a new way. Read Recipe

Layers of red, white and blue cake make for the perfect 4th of July dessert that’s fun to make and enjoy. Drizzled with red and blue frosting, each piece is an explosion of color that’s sure to be a hit at the party. Read Recipe

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