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The smells and flavors of summer. To me, they are the smoky grilled meats, sweet and juicy corn, and cold vanilla ice cream on a hot day. We thought about our favorite aspects of summer eats and wanted to create a magazine that encompassed all of our favorites and more so that you can put together the best summer meals. In our Backyard Summer Dinner Party section, you’ll find a variety of meats and seafood to make for a group of friends (hello, skillet-grilled mussels!) The Sun’s Out, Bun’s Out! section was fun to put together because, let’s face it, food is way more fun when it’s served in a bun! It’s a straight-up summer staple so let the good times roll. Don’t forget that it’s corn and tomato season! Summer tomatoes have a starring role in the Fresh off the Vine section featuring small grape tomatoes and juicy heirloom tomatoes for the freshest dishes. You just can’t resist picking out fresh sweet corn at the farmer’s market so don’t miss the Sweet Golden Goodness recipes! When you finish up with the main meal, the Summer Party Desserts has several no-bake options to keep your home cool this summer. Also in season? Peaches! Peachy Keen features two delightful desserts that will help you use up the freshest fruit of summer. Everything is more fun with sprinkles so check out the Confetti Concoctions desserts for the perfect end to a summer party. We hope you’ve been enjoying nicer weather, time outdoors, and delicious in-season fruits and veggies. Let’s make some yummy food! Happy cooking!


Serve this shrimp as an appetizer at your party and you’ll hardly be able to keep up with the requests for “more shrimp, please!” The dipping sauce is excellent and you can make it ahead of time for a no-sweat summer dish. Read Recipe

There’s just something so perfect about grilled corn in the summertime. The trend these days is to change it up a bit and add some flavor — and blue cheese definitely does that! The tang from the cheese blends perfectly with the smoky grilled kernels — yum! Read Recipe

We had the crazy idea to make a traditional cold caprese...hot! You just can’t resist those big slices of heirloom tomatoes and melty mozzarella cheese slices. With the addition of quinoa, this is a creative casserole that you can feel great about serving. Read Recipe

What to do with all of those fresh summer berries? You could bake something, but baking in the summer heat isn’t that much fun. We suggest this no-bake cheesecake topped with not just berries, but a tangy balsamic berry sauce. It looks and tastes impressive! Read Recipe

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Executive Chef: Addie Gundry
Photographers: Megan Von Schonhoff and Tom Krawczyk
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