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Start the new year with new food! We wanted to give you a fresh start with delicious breakfasts, lunches, and dinners that are easy to make and feel good about. For starters, many folks found themselves at home this past year and having more time to create an actual breakfast as opposed to a drive-thru coffee and sandwich. Enjoy these 6 Easy & Energizing Recipes that will get your day started on the right track. In need of a cozy winter soup for lunch? We’ve got you covered with Soup-er Soups that have powerfully nutritious ingredients like barley, turmeric, and lentils. One of the biggest complaints from home chefs worldwide is the clean-up process after cooking a delicious meal. Instead of worrying about the mess, try these One-Dish Dinners that have minimal cleanup. And last but not least, coffee themed desserts are predicted to trend in 2021 so check out the section Livin’ La Vida Mocha: Cup-Free Desserts for Coffee Lovers. There’s even more to discover in this issue of RecipeLion Magazine so be sure to check it out and have a great start to the new year!


What may look like an indulgent chocolate dessert is really a healthy breakfast! With greek yogurt as the base and topped with granola, fresh fruit and pistachios, this breakfast bark is a great way to enjoy yogurt on-the-go. Read Recipe

Cauliflower is the secret to a healthier cheese soup. Low in calories and with 0 grams of fat, the addition of cauliflower lets you enjoy the rich flavor of aged cheddar cheese without the guilt. Add in some thyme, onions, shallots, black pepper for a flavorful soup with lots of health benefits. Read Recipe

Roasting veggies is a wonderful way to get your recommended servings per day! Plus, with the addition of chicken, this recipe makes a complete meal in about 20 minutes. Customize it with your favorite veggies and spices. Read Recipe

Update the typical sugar cookie with a dash of espresso and top with your favorite caramel or chocolate syrups. Did we mention that these go great with coffee? Read Recipe

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