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You made it through another year and another crazy holiday season! If you’re anything like me, you may have some food regrets from the past three months and truthfully, it’s really okay because it’s a new year and that means you can start fresh. Veg it Up with our three zoodle recipes that taste way more indulgent than you think it would. Plus, winter is still here so soup your way to a healthier you with cozy soups that include healthy ingredients. You’ll find that your busy evenings will be made easy with 30-minute meals that are sure to please. Try not to let the winter blues get you down and start your morning with a delicious Make-Ahead Cookie, because it’s 2020 and cookies are the new breakfast.

February is National Heart Month and we’ve got 5 recipes to share with your special someone that are delicious and made with ingredients that will keep your tickers happy as can be. My favorite is the Avocado Chicken Salad with it’s variety of delicious ingredients. Cook up some Healthy Ravioli with Walnuts for Valentine’s day this year and skip the restaurants. The way to your heart is through your stomach after all!


Cooked kale adds just the right amount of tenderness to this already healthy soup. Ground turkey fills you up and the mild seasonings throughout mean that this recipe is a people-pleaser for sure. Read Recipe

Cozy meets spicy with this soup that will warm you up after a cold winter’s day (and maybe clear your sinuses!). With jalapeño and cayenne pepper as the added surprise ingredients, everyone will feel the heat from this delicious take on a classic. Read Recipe

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