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The start of a new calendar year can mean something different for everyone. For some, it’s a time for a sleepy recovery after an exhausting holiday season. You hunker down on your couch under your coziest blanket while you enjoy a steaming bowl of chili and binge-watch your latest TV obsession. For others, it’s a time of heartache and jubilation as you cheer on your home football team through the playoffs, accompanied by whatever snack is within reach. Others still get right back into the balancing act of everyday life from taking the kids to band practice to staying up to finish that project for work to cleaning, cooking, and everything in between. And others see the new year as a time for a fresh start, a time to cut out the microwave meals and begin introducing seasonal produce and freshly cooked dinners into their routine. Our inaugural issue of the RecipeLion Magazine explores the cooking quandaries of all types of budding chefs, and we hope you’ll discover the picture-perfect recipe to fit your lifestyle.


It’s not quite game day until the smell of bacon is wafting through the air. The combination of the smoky bacon mixed with the maple syrup creates an addicting salty–sweet combination that’ll make a plate of these disappear before the first quarter’s over! Read Recipe


Philly cheesesteaks are a comfort food that you often don’t find on menus throughout the United States. You don’t need to travel all the way to Philadelphia though to enjoy this cheesy steak favorite. This homemade soup version is perfect for packing up in storage containers to freeze and reheat whenever the mood strikes. Read Recipe


You don’t need to give up on dessert just because you’re trying to eat healthier in 2019! This fruit tart uses a homemade crust comprised of dates, walnuts, and oats, which is much healthier than the dough version you’d usually find. Plus, we’ve substituted cream cheese for healthy Greek yogurt, which has much less sugar. Read Recipe

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