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Cheesy Chicken–Avocado Panini

How often do you take advantage of that panini press you received from your wedding registry? Not nearly enough, I imagine. And there’s no reason to skip out when you can have a restaurant-worthy sandwich ready in about 15 minutes. Chicken, cheese, bacon, avocado… who could resist? Read Recipe

Elevate your basic chicken sandwich with just a few simple steps to achieve that restaurant pizzazz. Baking these chicken breasts instead of grilling and buttering the buns are just two ways to make your quick dinner memorable for the whole family. Read Recipe

There’s nothing better than the smell of chili being made throughout the day. Thanks to your slow cooker, this beef chili is easy, flavorful, and just what you need to warm up after a long day. Read Recipe

If you want to ensure that everyone is a part of the clean plate club this fall, these mashed potatoes are a must. And best of all, your slow cooker does most of the work for you! Read Recipe

Make your own caesar dressing (with low-fat mayonnaise) and top this salad with other fun ingredients like avocado and bacon for the ultimate take on an old favorite. Read Recipe

Celery, carrots, mushrooms, and rosemary come together to add the perfect amount of flavor to the already wonderful wild rice in this cozy soup. The shredded chicken adds just the right amount of texture and rosemary completes the flavor. Read Recipe

Pick up some fresh cauliflower and asparagus at the market and make this light version of alfredo pasta. It’s a great way to add veggies into an otherwise hearty dish. Read Recipe

Grilled Shrimp Kebabs

Summer grilling season means it’s time to break out the kebabs. If you’re inexperienced with grilling, this is one of the best places to start since it’s pretty easy to tell when everything’s cooked through, especially once you can see that beautiful char on the side of the veggies. Read Recipe

Guac Turkey Burgers

Burgers are an irreplaceable staple during summer grilling season, but with so many opportunities to barbecue, it’s nice to mix things up. We used ground turkey instead of ground beef with these burgers, cutting way back on fat and calories. The touch of guacamole is a simple way to turn them into a restaurant-quality dish. Read Recipe

From-Scratch General Tso's Chicken

When in doubt, you can’t go wrong with General Tso’s chicken. The combination of sweet and spicy makes the flavors unforgettable. We make these a little healthier by cooking it all in a slow cooker instead of deep frying it, so you don’t need to feel guilty when you’re chowing down. Read Recipe

Steak 'n' Veggie Tacos

While steak by itself isn’t unusual to be cooking out on the grill, turning it into a taco isn’t something you’d usually think up. Grilling all of your ingredients allows you to enjoy that charred, smoky taste you love from barbecued food in a handy package of a well-loved taco. Read Recipe

Grilled Personal Pizzas

Pizza on the grill is one of those dishes that seems almost too mythical to be true. How does it fit? How do you keep it all from being a big ol’ mess? By carefully following the instructions below (and putting together personal pizzas instead of one big one), you can avoid all the hazards… Read Recipe

It’s not quite game day until the smell of bacon is wafting through the air. The combination of the smoky bacon mixed with the maple syrup creates an addicting salty–sweet combination that’ll make a plate of these disappear before the first quarter’s over! Read Recipe

Did you know that walnuts can help protect you against heart disease? All the more reason to add a serving of walnuts wherever you can, and this ravioli is the surprisingly delicious meal you’ll love to make with your heart in mind. This traditionally heavy dish becomes lighter and healthier with lemons, asparagus, and spinach too. Read Recipe

Mason Jar Apple Pie

The worst part about apple pie is how it only ever seems to be eaten on special occasions. You’re sitting down at the dining room table with your whole family after a holiday meal and out comes the apple pie you indulge in once or twice a year. Eating pie can be a whole ordeal,… Read Recipe

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