The Best of 2020 Cookbook: 25 Recipes You Love Table of Contents

When we started out 2020 with our Jan/Feb issue of RecipeLion Magazine, we had lots of hopes and dreams for a year of delicious cooking with friends and family. Unfortunately, as we all know, 2020 had different plans in store for us. But throughout the changes and restrictions, we soon came to realize that while the world is changing one thing still remained the same: the need to cook. So maybe there were no big parties or full feasts to prepare, but we still wanted to provide delicious ideas for weekday and weeknight cooking. We enjoyed putting together recipes for you this year and we hopefully provided a bright spot of fun and delicious creativity with each issue of the magazine. Your favorites ranged from sweet to savory and everything in-between. So, here they are!


Transform hollowed-out cucumber slices into delicate little bowls filled with a horseradish-flavored cream cheese, capers and topped with smoked salmon. Garnish each slice with a fresh dill frond for a light appetizer that’s guaranteed to impress summer guests. Read Recipe

Make this chicken once and you’ll be making it every week for the entire summer. It’s easy to prep this chicken and grill it the next day as the marinade does it’s magic overnight. The tequila tenderizes the meat as it breaks down the protein while the spicy lime flavors take over. Serve any way you like! Read Recipe

Make your own ice cream...without an ice cream maker! Just 4 ingredients come together for perfectly smooth and rich frozen delight. Top with ingredients of your choosing or you can even throw them into the mixture itself before freezing! Read Recipe

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Editor: Nicola Prybell
Chef: Addie Gundry
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