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No matter what your goals are for improving your cooking skills, the RecipeLion Gold Club will help you conquer your kitchen with fun, informative cooking shows and delectable recipes, cookbooks, and cooking magazines! You’ll have an entire library of content when you join!

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Just 83¢ a month!

And what makes the RecipeLion Gold Club so special and unique? With this new cooking club, you’ll have:

  • Simple, chef-tested recipes that you can make yourself at home
  • Tips and techniques for beginner cooks and aspiring chefs alike
  • Meals that are guaranteed to be delicious and to deliver consistently outstanding results
  • Dishes that will delight family, friends, and everyone at your table
  • Recipes that have been carefully selected and rigorously tested

Did you know that there are almost 3 billion recipe pages online? If you tried searching for anything yourself, you could spend hours and hours scouring the Internet for the recipes that are right for you. And then there’s no telling if the recipes you find online have been tested or are worth your time preparing!

That’s where RecipeLion Gold Club comes in—we do all the recipe research for you. And my team and I test every single recipe before publishing them for you—all to ensure quality recipes that you can be confident about making. We don’t publish all recipes, just the ones that are worth your time!

With a young child and another one on the way, I know what it’s like to value time and to have resources that save you time and deliver outstanding results—welcome to the RecipeLion Gold Club!

When you become a Premium Charter Member of the RecipeLion Gold Club, you will transform your home kitchen into a 5-star restaurant! My weekly cooking TV shows will help you polish your techniques and build your confidence. Even if you don’t have your sights set on becoming a professional chef, I’ll help you become a better cook in your everyday life.

Please join me, Addie Gundry, in my new cooking club.

You will love the RecipeLion Gold Club

If you’ve seen some of my episodes on, then you know I’m all about the fun of cooking. But the RecipeLion Gold Club is all that and so much more! RecipeLion Gold Club cooking TV shows run 25 minutes—and those minutes are jam-packed with delicious recipes and the cooking tips and tricks that I use every day as a professional chef. Each episode includes four to six recipes that you’ll want to try out right away!

Recipe Lion Gold

Each cooking TV show will offer something new, and without any of the confusing jargon that some professional chefs use. I explain what I’m doing and why, and show you how to replicate my techniques and recipes at home. And when you join the RecipeLion Gold Club now as a Premium Charter Member, you’ll get a special, low-price introductory price of just 83¢ a month!

So, what will you learn in the RecipeLion Gold Club?

We have cooking TV shows, cookbooks and magazines on everything from the practical to the decadently indulgent. Learn how pairing certain spices can give you a completely new flavor. Take frosting to a whole new level with fanciful cakes and cupcakes. Learn the best way to stock your pantry, take care of your pots and pans, and store leftovers that taste as great as when you served the dish the first time!

We’re going to have so much fun as we take on a broad range of cooking! Here’s just a sampling of what we’ll cover:

  • Breathtaking Breads
    Learn how to take this basic staple and transform it to suit your needs. Breakfast bread? Done! Super sandwich bread? Easy! Delectable dinnertime rolls? You bet! Whether you’re an experienced bread baker, or you’ve been avoiding baking your own for years, I have recipes that will make you want to keep the oven hot and ready.
  • Perfect Pasta
    Try new twists on mac & cheese, have fun with fettuccine, and whip up a super healthy pasta salad. From perfect one-pan pasta dinners to tantalizing tortellini dishes, you’ll find something to delight everyone at your dinner table!
  • Dynamite Desserts
    You don’t have to be a professional baker to get professional results. Just stick with me! Whether you’re aiming for a hearty treat like apple cider doughnut bites, or you’re ready to take on something more elegant like black bottom banana cream puffs, you’ll never come up short on finding a delicious ending to your professionally-flavored meals.

RecipeLion Gold Club is no ordinary cooking club. This is a hands-on, step-by-step cooking club that will equip you with the knowledge and skills you need to cook new recipes that you never would have previously attempted. And when you join as a Premium Charter Member, you can watch the cooking episodes, download the cookbooks and read the magazine issues any time you want. Tap into my ever-growing library of cooking TV shows, cookbooks and magazines and start cooking your way toward more confidence—and compliments!

What you get with the RecipeLion Gold Club

You won’t want to pass up this special offer—accept your Premium Charter Membership and get your special introductory price of just 83¢ a month!

You get all of this with your Premium Charter Membership:

  • Instant access to our library of more than 60 full-length cooking TV shows, complete with an accompanying printable cookbook. Stream these episodes whenever it’s convenient for you.
  • A brand-new cooking TV show added every week to keep you learning and expanding your cooking skills—as a Premium Charter Member, you’ll have the first chance to access every new weekly episode for the next year, 52 new TV shows in all…or save them to watch at your leisure.
  • Full and immediate access to more than 60 cookbooks in the digital library, and a new cookbook released every week—you’ll get 52 new cookbooks over the coming year!
  • Instant access to the magazine library of issues and the upcoming year of issues.
  • Previews of each cooking TV show to help you choose which episode to watch next—get a brief overview of each episode, so you can quickly decide what to watch.
  • Free printable recipes that you can also access online on any device. Plus, select episodes come with printable infographics that you can hang on your fridge!
  • Collections of episodes I’ve grouped together, so you can browse shows that are themed around a particular topic you’re interested in, like Baking or Holiday.

Whatever you need as a cook, the RecipeLion Gold Club will have it. Is it your turn to host the next book club meeting? Want to show off a little at your next holiday dinner? I’ll show you how to prepare everything for entertaining—including your table setting, your grocery list, and even your invitations (I did work with Martha Stewart, after all!). And I’ll show you how to create everything from finger foods to cocktails to desserts.

Learn my favorite shortcuts that will give you flavorful dishes in less time. From snacks to full multi-course meals, each TV episode will give you something new and tasty to try.

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RecipeLion Gold Club

Why not be among the first to join us today and benefit from all the valuable cooking advice that you simply cannot get anywhere else?

I’m determined to make sure you have it all. And that’s why I’m offering you this low-price introductory rate of just 83¢ a month in the RecipeLion Gold Club with me, Addie Gundry. Get ready to fine-tune your cooking skills with a new cooking TV show and cookbook each week!

Become a RecipeLion Gold Club Premium Charter Member today while this special invitation lasts!


Addie Gundry
Chef and Executive Producer, RecipeLion Gold Club

PS: Here are some more cooking TV shows that give you both practicality and fun:

  • Dinner for Two: Date Night
  • Cooking with Kids: Safe Ways Kids Can Help in the Kitchen

I can’t wait to share these episodes with you!

PPS: Remember, your first year in my new RecipeLion Gold Club with Addie Gundry is just 83¢ a month—act now while this special low-price offer lasts!