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Have you heard? There’s a brand-new cooking club from RecipeLion that is guaranteed to be your new favorite place for recipes, cooking videos, tips and tricks. Join the RecipeLion Cooking Club with me, Chef Addie Gundry, as a Premium Charter Member and receive all of the recipes and cooking instruction in my new club.

Recipe Lion Cooking With Chef Addie Gundry

You’re Invited to Join the RecipeLion Cooking Club Right Now!

I know how much you love trying a new recipe. How you pore over grocery store flyers to plan economical-yet-delicious menus for your family. How a new cookbook is more interesting to you than the latest novel in Oprah’s book club. How you record cooking shows, not Game of Thrones, to binge.

That’s why I’m inviting you to join my cooking club today… Become a Premium Charter Member, starting with a 12-week trial, and release your inner top chef. I can’t wait to show you what we have in store!

A Little About Me…

My name is Addie Gundry. I’m the executive producer for RecipeLion, where you might have seen my live cooking segments. I earned my Master’s Degree in Culinary Arts from Auguste Escoffier in France, and since then, I’ve appeared on Food Network Star—and won Cutthroat Kitchen.

I’ve also worked with acclaimed chefs Christian Etienne, Daniel Boulud, Thomas Keller, and Martha Stewart. And now I can’t wait to work with you!

I started the RecipeLion Cooking Club with Addie Gundry because I wanted to share my love and knowledge of cooking with people from all over the world… and from the comfort of your own home.

I know that cooks like you may have absolutely no ambition to become the next celebrity chef, but you do want to cook amazing food, make your family and friends happy, and spend less doing all of it.

That’s where I come in: I’m not just a chef, I’m the full-package foodie. You’ll learn everything from basic pan skills to hosting an elegant ladies’ lunch with bacon and Gruyere quiche, fancy finger sandwiches, cranberry scones and mimosas, plus the formal table setting I recommend to showcase it all.

All of This is Included in Your Premium Charter Membership!

First of all, you get to try it for only $1 a week. You get 12 weeks to try everything I offer: cooking classes, recipes, how-tos, and top chef secrets.

You’ll learn about how to buy and care for cooking utensils, serving, shopping on a budget, making meals your kids will actually eat, and much more!

Now, take a quick look at what you get when you sign up for your trial:

  • Dozens of step-by-step cooking classes led by me — I always provide easy-to-follow instructions in classes that range from practical such as “How to Cook Eggs” to fun such as “Date Night Dinner for Two” to help you master every recipe. And I’ll add a new class every week!
  • Professionally tested recipes for each cooking class — Enjoy 4—6 recipes per class that you can view on any screen or download and print for your convenience. Every single recipe is tested by me until its perfect, and every recipe is suitable for home chefs at any skill level.
  • Special collections on your favorite topics that I’ve carefully curated — These collections focus on your favorite topics like Holidays, Baking Skills 101, and Dinner Parties, and they help you create both individual meals and full menus for events.
  • My best cooking tips and tricks — You’ll learn all of my favorite cooking secrets: which oil to use for frying shrimp at high temperatures, an incredible hack for juicing limes easily, how to boil broccoli and keep it looking delicious and green, and much more!

My goal is simple: to make cooking more fun for you while you also spend less time, energy, and money on creating meals for your family and friends.

I’ve invited you to join me because I want to help you…

  • Expand your cooking horizons, from seafood to Mexican cuisine to weeknight kids’ meals that you can whip up in less than 5 minutes!
  • Master the basic chef skills you’ve had to struggle with on your own… until now. Learn pan searing, how to dress meat at home, knife skills, and more.
  • Effortlessly host big family and holiday dinners, even if you’ve been afraid to do it before.
  • Successfully conquer cooking challenges that even master chefs can struggle with, such as sauces and frosting.
  • Learn how to use all those fancy seasonings that you see in the specialty shops
  • Enjoy every single moment in the kitchen and at the table, every day of the week!
Cookie with Addie

You’re Invited to Join Me For All of This… And MORE!

I’m extending this special invitation to you to join the RecipeLion Cooking Club because I know you’re not afraid to try new things, and I know you’re ready for new cooking challenges.

Join me in experiencing the joy of cooking today, and accept this invitation to join the RecipeLion Cooking Club with Addie Gundry right now as a Premium Charter Member. Why not be among the first to benefit from my experience? Remember, you can watch my videos anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Special Premium Charter Membership Offer—
You’re Invited to Join Today!

When you claim your Premium Charter Membership today, you’ll be among the first aspiring chefs to join this practical and valuable club—
the RecipeLion Cooking Club with Chef Addie Gundry!

Sample our video classes and recipes for only $1 a week for 12 weeks. Then, you can continue your Premium Charter Membership for the next year with instant access to our library of cooking classes, access upcoming weekly classes, and access hundreds of printable recipes that have been professionally tested.

This is a limited-time offer you should take advantage of right now.

Sign up right now and get instant access to everything this new cooking club has to offer. New videos, recipes, and cooking tips are added weekly! After your trial, you’ll be able to continue your membership for a small fee (less than the price of a venti latte each month!)

I can’t wait to show you all the handy cooking tips I’ve learned over the years, and to share with you the incredible recipes I’ve created just for this club. Join me now!


Addie Gundry
Executive Producer, RecipeLion
Founding Chef, RecipeLion Cooking Club with Addie Gundry

P.S.: Here are just a few of the recipes you’ll receive when you claim your Premium Charter Membership:

  • Homemade Tiramisu
  • Easy Broccoli Quiche
  • Pan-Seared Scallops with Lemon Caper Sauce
  • Layered Ham and Cheese Casserole
  • Smoked Gouda Mac and Cheese
  • Chocolate Silk Pie

Join today, and start cooking all of these right away!

P.P.S.: Remember, you get a 12-week trial MEMBERSHIP to my cooking club for only $12, but only if you sign up today. That means all the videos, recipes, and cooking tips are INCLUDED!