Your Favorite Recipes from 2020

Here are the 25 recipes you loved the most.

When we started out 2020 with our Jan/Feb issue of RecipeLion Magazine, we had lots of hopes and dreams for a year of delicious cooking with friends and family. Unfortunately, as we all know, 2020 had different plans in store for us. But throughout the changes and restrictions, we soon came to realize that while the world is changing one thing still remained the same: the need to cook. So maybe there were no big parties or full feasts to prepare, but we still wanted to provide delicious ideas for weekday and weeknight cooking.

We enjoyed putting together recipes for you this year and we hopefully provided a bright spot of fun and delicious creativity with each issue of the magazine. Your favorites ranged from sweet to savory and everything in-between. So, here they are!

Appetizing Apps

From smoked salmon to queso, these apps are great for small get together or even just for you and your spouse. Easy to make, easy to eat. What more could you want in an appetizer?

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Best Main Dishes

There were only two main dishes that made the top 25 this year, but that’s okay! These are yummy weeknight meals that we highly recommend because they are easy and full of flavor.

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Savory Soups

The traditional comfort food that will get you through anything: soup! These soups are flavorful, spicy, and creamy. Take your pick!

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Delicious Sides

Casseroles and salads were a favorite this year with these traditional and cozy sides. My personal favorite is the Caprese Casserole!

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Fave Fruit

Fresh fruit aplenty! These were your favorite fruity treats this year (including a citrus cake — yum!).

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More Dessert Please!

Easy desserts were a favorite this year and these three made the top of the list! With ingredients like cool whip and confetti, these were fun to whip up in no time.

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I Scream For Ice Cream

You screamed for ice cream this year! Whether making ice cream from scratch of making your own classic cherries jubilee, these were the favorites this year.

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Spice of Life

These recipes spiced up your year with cinnamon and pumpkin spice being the favorites! One of the top recipes people sought during quarantine was banana bread and our recipe is our favorite (not that we are biased or anything).

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Click here to view the entire cookbook!

Which recipe was your favorite? We’d love to hear from you in the comments!

We can’t wait to bring you more yummy recipes in 2021! Have a happy, safe, and healthy rest of your year!



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