Southern Recipes

Southern Recipes

New Cooking Class — Just Released!

5 Classic Southern Favorites You Don’t Want to Miss

These traditional southern favorites will bring the warmth and flavor of the region right to your table.

From the Cooking Class: Southern Recipes

Southern Recipes

Dear Lover of Cuisines,

Southern food might be some of the most storied cuisine in the country. From sweet pies to spicy comfort food, there’s no mistaking the taste of a southern dish. Join me on a culinary tour of the southern U.S., where we’ll start with dessert: a homemade Georgia pecan pie. Then we’ll get a little spicy with some New Orleans–style jambalaya.

I’ll also show you how to make a traditional Texas Frito pie; it’s like no other pie you’ve experienced! Mouth-watering fried chicken, a staple all over the south, is also on the menu. Golden, crunchy, and full of flavor, you’ll love how good and how easy this recipe is to learn. And we can’t leave without indulging in lightly fried hush puppies. They make a delightful addition to any meal.

This Southern Recipes class is your ticket to warm weather, sunshine, and good times. Each dish brings the flavor of the region into your kitchen, without the fuss. In fact, most of these dishes come together pretty quickly.

And as always, each one of these recipes comes with full instructions and a full-color picture in the included digital cookbook. You also get immediate access to a quickly growing library of video classes, magazine issues, and cookbooks when you watch RecipeLion’s Southern Recipes streaming-video cooking class with me, Chef Addie Gundry!

Southern Recipes

Texas Frito Pie, a Lone Star State classic, is part nachos, part pie. Brown your ground beef in a hot pan to begin, then add in your diced pepper and onion. When the onions are translucent, add in the pinto beans, tomatoes, and water, and simmer for about 10 minutes.

Pour the mixture into a baking dish or pie dish. Cover it with cheese and bake for about 10 minutes, until the cheese melts. Once that’s ready, remove it from the oven, and top with your Fritos. (I like to use Frito Scoops.) Top with more cheese and put it back in the oven for about five minutes, until the cheese melts and the chips are slightly browned. That’s it!

Serve on a plate, or give it time to cool and just let people dig in. Once you try this pie, you’ll wonder why you haven’t been enjoying it all your life! It’s that good.

Put some Willie Nelson on your stereo and grab an iced tea for a true Texas experience.

The southern U.S. is well known for their hospitality and flavorful foods. These recipes highlight some of the most popular southern dishes, and they show how easy it can be to cook up some delicious meals. Watch Southern Recipes right now—and get instant access to hundreds more recipes in the RecipeLion Gold Club’s Library of video classes, magazines, and cookbooks that come with your membership.

The Southern Recipes class offers you a taste of some of the flavorful dishes the south is known for. You’ll get the complete recipes for each selection, along with full-color pictures, and plenty of helpful hints from a professional chef. In addition to the recipe for Texas Frito Pie, you’ll get recipes for:

  • Georgia Pecan Pie—This pie is a lot easier to make than most people think. Serve it with a scoop of vanilla ice cream for dessert, or, true confessions, it works for breakfast, too!
  • New Orleans Jambalaya—This classic one-pot meal isn’t hard to make, it just takes some time. Andouille sausage gives this rice-based dish its signature flavor, and fire-roasted tomatoes add another layer of spice. This is sure to be a new favorite at your table.

Your Southern Recipes class continues with two fried dishes that you can find all over the South, whether you’re at a roadside food shack or in your best friend’s kitchen.

  • Fried Chicken—Buttermilk fried chicken is a great recipe, and the “hard” part is making sure you let them cool just a little before you bite into this delicious southern classic.
  • Hush Puppies—I love hush puppies. The cornmeal makes them crispy and yummy, and they make an indulgent snack or appetizer.

And don’t forget— every video class comes with an accompanying digital cookbook, all the class’s recipes and instructions in written form, and full-color pictures of each dish—read it all on any device or print it out for easy use in your own kitchen.

Southern Recipes

And your Charter Membership in the RecipeLion Gold Club gives you instant access to the entire library of cooking classes, cookbooks and magazines. Additional cooking classes include:

  • How to Fry Food—Fried cheese curds, fried Twinkies, and good old French fried onions are all right here. Take the mystery out of fried food and start cooking!
  • Recipes for Summer—Whether you’re inviting friends over for a backyard bash or making the most of fresh summer produce, I’ll give you five recipes to help you eat your way through summer in style.
  • Favorite BBQ Recipes—Don’t plan your next pool party until you get the ins and outs of summer-ready dishes from shredded chicken sandwiches to soda can brats.
  • Desserts with Hard Liquor—Add a little liquor to your desserts for that “wow” factor. Learn to make five mouth-watering desserts with rum, bourbon, tequila, and more.
  • Patriotic Recipes—Get ready to make your patriotic celebration truly shine with fireworks Jell-O cups; a red, white, and blue fresh berry tart; and more, including a cocktail that will keep the summer heat in check.
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  • And many, many more!

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So, what is the RecipeLion Gold Club all about, and who am I, Chef Addie Gundry?

My goal with this brand new cooking club is to help aspiring chefs improve their skills with step-by-step instructions to tackle every recipe. I’m all about finding the fun in food—connecting you with professionally tested recipes, tips, and techniques that are easy to follow and rewarding to serve to your grateful friends and family.

And believe me, I never forget the ultimate goal—serving food that is tasty, so that you’ll want to make recipes over and over again while honing your skill. You’ll add hundreds of recipes to your repertoire as you discover new ways to cook classic dishes and new meals you’ve never tried before.

As a member of the RecipeLion Gold Club, you’ll benefit from my years of experience as a chef and cookbook author: I earned my Master’s Degree in Culinary Arts from Auguste Escoffier in France, won Food Network’s Cutthroat Kitchen in 2015, and have also appeared on Food Network Star. I’ve worked with big names in food and cooking, such as Christian Etienne, Thomas Keller, and Martha Stewart.

And with a Premium Charter Membership in the RecipeLion Gold Club, you’ll have me as your very own personal teacher and coach who will guide you to becoming the best cook you can be.

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Addie Gundry
Chef and Executive Producer, RecipeLion Gold Club

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