Easter Menu

Easter Menu

New Cooking Class — Just Released!

The Perfect Easter Dinner Menu

Bring the joy back to your kitchen with this complete Easter dinner menu that’s easy, delicious, and fun!

From the Cooking Class: Easter Dinner Menu

Easter Menu

Dear Aspiring Chef,

I love all things Easter and can’t wait to show you five of my favorite recipes! This class gives you a complete menu, from appetizer to dessert, including two different kinds of Oreo bark that doubles as a perfect hostess gift! This perfect pastel treat is first in the class today, so you can package them up for an Easter basket or create a colorful plate of candy that’s ready when your guests arrive.

I’ll share some fun ways to enjoy family time in the kitchen, easy shortcuts on a classic Easter dish, and, as always plenty of tips and tricks to take the mystery out of creating a full, multi-course dinner.

I’m really excited to share these dishes with you. Get all the recipes, tips, and professional know-how in this easy-to-follow class, along with food safety tips, and so much more—all in the RecipeLion Cooking Club’s Easter Dinner Menu streaming-video cooking class with me, Chef Addie Gundry!

Easter Menu

Bright green asparagus brings a true spring color to these Asparagus Tarts. These perfectly imperfect savory “cupcakes” go with any Easter meal, whether you’re hosting or taking them for Easter dinner at a friend’s.

Layer phyllo dough squares into your cupcake liners, then fill with ricotta, Parmesan, prosciutto, and blanched asparagus tips. Add a dash of lemon zest for color (and flavor) when they come out of the oven. It’s that easy! As a bonus, they even look a little like a bird’s nest. Does it get more Easterly than that?

I like to serve them on a bread board at room temperature as an appetizer, but they work as a side dish, too. They’re especially pretty served alongside your Brown Sugar-Glazed Ham!

Make it easy on yourself this Easter; watch Easter Dinner Menu right now and take the stress out of cooking a big meal. And if you need more inspiration, watch one of the many classes in the RecipeLion Cooking Club’s Library. Gain access to all of the RecipeLion classes right now for just $1 for 30 days!

The Easter Dinner Menu class includes five recipes so you can make a complete Easter brunch or dinner that everyone will love. Get the complete instructions, full-color pictures for each recipe, and plenty of tips and ideas that I use at home in my kitchen. In addition to the recipe for Asparagus Tarts, you’ll get the full recipes for:

  • Easter Oreo Bark— This is truly the most adorable little treat! I’ll show you how to make both a mint bark and a carrot cake bark with Cadbury chocolate eggs and M&Ms. This recipe is really fun to make with kids, and it’s fun to serve, too. Top with pink and green sprinkles, and you have the perfect snack, dessert, or gift!
  • Whipped Cream Easter Eggs—You’ve never dyed eggs like this! This is way easier and cleaner than the way I dyed Easter eggs as a kid. The marbled colors are so fun, and each egg is a unique creation!

The Easter Dinner Menu class comes with two more Easter recipes and a BONUS infographic so you can set your table with confidence.

  • Brown Sugar-Glazed Ham—This recipe takes the anxiety out of baking a ham. A pineapple and brown sugar glaze soaks into the ham, making a nice, juicy main course. And you can do so much with this! Make ham biscuits, serve it hot like it is, or add it as a side for your weekday lunches.
  • Scalloped Potatoes—This classic Easter dish is cheesy, creamy, and deeeelicious! I’m using cheddar cheese in this recipe, but Gruyère works great, too. Serve this alongside your ham and asparagus tarts, and you have a perfect Easter dinner.
  • Formal Place Setting Chart—Get my one-page chart that succinctly shows you exactly where to properly place all the dishes, glassware, and silverware for your fabulous Easter dinner party.

Along with your video class, you’ll get the accompanying digital Cookbook, all the class’s recipes and instructions in written form, and full-color pictures of each dish—plus you can read it all on any device or print it out for easy use in your own kitchen.

Easter Menu

And your Charter Membership in the RecipeLion Cooking Club with Chef Addie Gundry instantly gives you full access to the entire library of cooking classes, recipes, and special collections. Additional cooking classes include:

  • Recipes for Spring—These springtime recipes are full of cheer—and color! The homemade carrot cake in this class might be one of my all-time favorites!
  • Introduction to Sauces—A good sauce can turn a good meal into a miracle, and these are some of my favorite sauces! Learn everything you need to start making delicious sauces right in your own kitchen.
  • Cooking with Wine—“Wine and dine” takes on a new meaning in this class! Discover how to bring some new flavors to five classic recipes.
  • Bartending 101—Whether it’s a holiday, a birthday, or dinner party, it’s always good to have a few drink recipes ready to go. Learn to make some of the classic drinks, and find out what goes into a fully stocked bar.
  • Dinner for Two—Get five of my favorite recipes for two, starting with a cocktail, and finishing with some tasty homemade fudge.
  • Homemade Candy Recipes—These candies remind you of those carefree days of summer and trips to the candy store. Learn how to make all of those old-fashioned favorites, from candy dots to saltwater taffy, and even pop rocks!
  • And many, many more!

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And the library of classes, cookbooks, and magazines includes vivid detail of exactly how to make dishes, how to execute tricky techniques, and what dishes and meals should look like when you serve them.

So, what is the RecipeLion Gold Club all about, and who am I, Chef Addie Gundry?

My goal with this brand new cooking club is to help aspiring chefs improve their skills with step-by-step instructions to tackle every recipe. I’m all about finding the fun in food—connecting you with professionally tested recipes, tips, and techniques that are easy to follow and rewarding to serve to your grateful friends and family.

And believe me, I never forget the ultimate goal—serving food that is tasty, so that you’ll want to make recipes over and over again while honing your skill. You’ll add hundreds of recipes to your repertoire as you discover new ways to cook classic dishes and new meals you’ve never tried before.

As a member of the RecipeLion Gold Club, you’ll benefit from my years of experience as a chef and cookbook author: I earned my Master’s Degree in Culinary Arts from Auguste Escoffier in France, won Food Network’s Cutthroat Kitchen in 2015, and have also appeared on Food Network Star. I’ve worked with big names in food and cooking, such as Christian Etienne, Thomas Keller, and Martha Stewart.

And with a Premium Charter Membership in the RecipeLion Gold Club, you’ll have me as your very own personal teacher and coach who will guide you to becoming the best cook you can be.

What you’ll get as a Premium Charter Member in the RecipeLion Gold Club.

When you join today, you’ll enjoy all these benefits:

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  • Proven cooking tips, tricks, and techniques from me that I use every day as a professional chef!

And all of this is available to you—right now, for just 83¢ a month—when you claim your Premium Charter Membership in the RecipeLion Gold Club.

Claim your Premium Charter Membership in the RecipeLion Gold Club—for just 83¢ a month!

It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner cook looking to improve your skills or an advanced cook who wants new and exciting recipes. The RecipeLion Gold Club caters to every experience level, from basic tips and skills to intermediate techniques. Here are just a few of the benefits you will enjoy as a Charter Member:

  • You’ll be instantly connected to me as your personal teacher to improve your cooking skills.
  • You’ll have access to delicious, test kitchen–approved recipes that will have friends and family raving about your food!
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  • You’ll have instant access to my recipes and cooking videos, so you can improve your cooking skills at home or when you’re on the go.

How can you not consider becoming a Premium Charter Member in the RecipeLion Gold Club?

Premium Charter Membership seats are limited at this special invitation rate, and a spot is reserved for you.

At-home cooks everywhere are clamoring for an invitation to join the RecipeLion Gold Club—and you have a special invitation from me to join as a Charter Member right now—for just 83¢ a month!

Special Offer: 83¢ a month—
You’re Invited to Join Today!

When you claim your Premium Charter Membership today, you will receive full access to the RecipeLion Gold Club—for just 83¢ a month!

We’re sure you’ll enjoy your Premium Charter Membership for the next year, with instant access to our library of cooking classes, access to upcoming weekly classes, and access to numerous free printable recipes that have been professionally tested, access to the library of cookbooks and upcoming cookbooks being released weekly, and full access to our cooking magazine library and the upcoming year of new magazine issues.

When we created this new club for aspiring chefs like you, I insisted that we make it easy to use and packed with all the cooking tips, tricks, and recipes that you’ll need to become a whiz in the kitchen and impress your family and friends with your cooking skills! And now it can be all yours with your RecipeLion Gold Club Premium Charter Membership.

Become a Premium Charter Member of the RecipeLion Gold Club today while this special invitation and terrific introductory offer lasts!


Addie Gundry
Chef and Executive Producer, RecipeLion Gold Club

PS: Get all the cooking instruction you could ever need, right from the comfort of your home with a RecipeLion Gold Club Premium Charter Membership!

PPS: Act now, because this offer won’t last forever! Your 83¢-a-month membership gives you full and unlimited access to the entire library of more than 30 past cooking classes and cookbooks, plus dozens of recipes and magazine issues—this is a great deal!


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