Traditional Mint Julep

The Kentucky Derby favorite, this drink is refreshing on a hot spring or summer day. Fresh mint leaves infuse the simple syrup which perfectly pairs with the bourbon.
  • Servings: 1
  • Prep Time: 2 minutes
  • Cook Time: 5 minutes plus 1 hour chilling time


  • 1 large bunch mint leaves, plus 1 additional sprig mint leaves
  • 1 ounce simple syrup (see Note)
  • 2½ ounces bourbon Ice cubes
  • Crushed ice


1. Place the bunch of mint leaves in an old mason jar (or other heatproof container) and pour the syrup over the leaves. Place the jar in the fridge and let the leaves steep in the syrup for at least 1 hour. Strain the leaves from the liquid and set the syrup aside.
2. Place mint leaves in a cocktail shaker and pour in the bourbon as well as 1 ounce of the mint-infused simple syrup. Top with a few ice cubes and stir. Fill a chilled silver cup about halfway with ice. Strain the liquid from the cocktail shaker into the cup. Pack crushed ice on top of the liquid to the top of the glass. Garnish the drink with a sprig of mint leaves and serve.

To make a simple syrup, simply bring equal parts water and sugar to a boil, and stir until the sugar has dissolved.

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