FREE Bacon and Egg Recipe Download: Bacon and Egg Hash Brown Scramble recipe—a different kind of dish to serve at the next family breakfast!

Get your FREE printable bacon and egg recipe right now—pump up your breakfast menu with the Bacon and Egg Hash Brown Scramble recipe.

Dear Aspiring Chef,

It’s breakfast time, and you want something different from the standard concoction of bacon and eggs. Bingo! Try the Bacon and Egg Hash Brown Scramble Recipe to give your breakfast a new twist.

And it’s portable—everything gets baked up in a single casserole dish that you pack and take with you to your next church potluck, family brunch, and more. You can even bake this dish for your next neighborhood potluck pancake breakfast.

Chef Addie Gundry has prepared this Bacon and Egg Hash Brown Scramble Recipe with the busy chef in mind—yet, it’s not lacking in taste and has a special texture that’s the perfect combination of creamy and crunchy.

Make this dish so your family realizes that that’s more to breakfast than traditional bacon and eggs—they will love it and want second helpings!

Here is your FREE recipe to add to your breakfast regulars—cheesy and flavorful, this dish is guaranteed to be a hit. Download the FREE Bacon and Egg Hash Brown Scramble Recipe and serve a delicious breakfast next weekend.

The ingredients are easily found in any grocery store, and you save time with buying some canned and frozen items that help make prep time go even quicker.

Download this FREE recipe right now— Bacon and Egg Hash Brown Scramble Recipe—to get the full ingredient list and complete instructions.

A Bacon and Egg Recipe that is the Breakfast of Champions!

You’ll love the combination of great breakfast ingredients—bacon, eggs, cheese, potatoes, and even a popular cereal item.

When you download the Bacon and Egg Hash Brown Scramble Recipe right now, you’ll get the simplest instructions for making a tasty breakfast dish, including:

  • Recipe download—Get instant access to the recipe as a download that you can easily print or view on any device.
  • Ingredient list that acts like a shopping list—The ingredients are clearly listed for ease of shopping—a few items are canned (evaporated milk—it gives the dish its creamy texture), and one you’ll find in the frozen food section. Plus, good old-fashioned corn flakes!
  • Preparation time and instructions—Prep time is only 15 minutes—less time than it takes you to catch up on the morning news! And cleanup is sure to be easy with just one bowl for mixing and one baking dish for cooking.
  • Cooking time and instructions—This dish bakes for an hour, so that gives you time to sip your coffee, catch up on the news, and maybe get in a cooking show, too!
  • Serving suggestions and yield—This recipe serves 8 and will make everyone in your house happy campers on any Saturday or Sunday morning.

Make this dish next weekend, and you’ll have a brand-new go-to breakfast recipe—download the Bacon and Egg Hash Recipe right now! You’ll have a new breakfast dish to delight your family.

Don’t wait: Download this recipe right now for FREE, so you can proudly serve Bacon and Egg Hash Recipe at your next breakfast meal!


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