Baking Skills

Baking is a science unto itself, and when you step into the kitchen, your apron might as well be your lab coat. If you’ve ever suffered through a cake that didn’t rise or made a pastry that was somehow burnt on the outside but raw on the inside, then this collection is for you! Chef Addie Gundry walks you through the dangers and pitfalls commonly found in baking along with some of the fun tricks you can try along the way to elevate your presentation and access your artistic side. From the skills involved in finding the perfect frosting to the beginner’s guide to baking, there are plenty of ways you can perfect your confectionary skills. From the simple tips and tricks to the more complicated baking feats, these videos cover the gamut of becoming a baking master.

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Dinner Party

There’s nothing like catching up with friends and family in an environment where you don’t have to worry about spending a whole bunch of money or getting dressed up all fancy. While hosting a dinner party may seem intimidating, this collection of classes from Chef Addie Gundry will allow you to host your loved ones without fear. From choosing a theme that suits your group to picking out the ingredients and finding the perfect drink and dessert pairings, Addie will walk you through the whole process from start to finish. Our Dinner Party collection features an array of themes from Dinner for Two to Italian Cooking and much more. Known for her signature style of easy, elegant entertaining, Addie also gives pro tips on how you can plate and decorate for your guests, so you won’t just be serving dishes that taste amazing, they’ll look like they were done by a party planning expert.

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There’s no better time to show off your newfound culinary skills than during the holiday season. Whether you’re participating in a holiday cookie exchange, contributing a dish to Thanksgiving dinner, or hosting friends and family for New Year’s, activities during the holidays all seem to revolve around food. And if you don’t know what you’re doing in the kitchen, it can all seem overwhelming. Chef Addie Gundry is here to help, walking you through the most important holiday events with recipe ideas, presentation tips, entertaining must-haves, and more. She’ll discuss proper storage techniques, so you can enjoy leftovers long after the event and tell you how she handles so many cooking-related events during the holiday season. From serving up the perfect Christmas brunch to making a museum-worthy gingerbread house to put on display, there’s a class suitable for everyone in our holiday collection.

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Skills 101

Anyone looking to know their way around the kitchen needs to get all the basics down pat before they start trying to tackle the more advanced recipes. In our Skills 101 collection, you’ll learn how to master the rudimentary skills that are essential for everyday cooking. Chef Addie Gundry takes you step-by-step through various cooking techniques in classes such as Knife Skills and Introduction to Sauces. Addie will walk you through everything from choosing the correct kitchen tools and ingredients you need to stock your kitchen to how to properly handle and care for your kitchen tools and a few of her favorite recipes to practice your new-found skills! Whether you’re new to the kitchen or you’re looking to finesse your technique, you’ll love learning how classically trained chef, Addie Gundry, navigates her way through the kitchen.

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