All-American Recipes

You’re invited on our virtual road trip around the United States! In our All-American Recipes collection, we’re highlighting some of the signature recipes you’d find in each pocket of the country. Travel through Maine where blueberries are ripe for picking (and irresistibly delicious when baked into a pie!), or keep traveling down the coast to Maryland where you can get the best crab cakes around. Get a taste of that classic Southern cooking with our irresistible homemade fried chicken recipe, and whip up a Georgia favorite for dessert – pecan pie! Still hungry? Explore the Midwestern delights of Michigan, where hearty pasties are a portable staple, through Ohio, where chili functions as a topping more than a meal. Finally, we’ll guide you through the Western part of the country with our trendy recipes for cioppino and carne asada burritos. Start your journey today with the All-American Recipes collection!

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Baking Skills

Baking is a science unto itself, and when you step into the kitchen, your apron might as well be your lab coat. If you’ve ever suffered through a cake that didn’t rise or made a pastry that was somehow burnt on the outside but raw on the inside, then this collection is for you! Chef Addie Gundry walks you through the dangers and pitfalls commonly found in baking along with some of the fun tricks you can try along the way to elevate your presentation and access your artistic side. From the skills involved in finding the perfect frosting to the beginner’s guide to baking, there are plenty of ways you can perfect your confectionary skills. From the simple tips and tricks to the more complicated baking feats, these videos cover the gamut of becoming a baking master.

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Cooking Tips: 50+ Tips, Tricks and Shortcuts

Anyone looking to know their way around the kitchen needs to get all the basics down pat before they start trying to tackle the more advanced recipes. In our Cooking Tips: 50+ Tips, Tricks and Shortcuts collection, you’ll learn how to master the rudimentary skills that are essential for everyday cooking. Chef Addie Gundry takes you step-by-step through various cooking techniques in videos such as Knife Skills and Introduction to Sauces. Addie will walk you through everything from choosing the correct kitchen tools and ingredients you need to stock your kitchen to how to properly handle and care for your kitchen tools and a few of her favorite recipes to practice your new-found skills! Whether you’re new to the kitchen or you’re looking to finesse your technique, you’ll love learning how classically trained chef, Addie Gundry, navigates her way through the kitchen.

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Dinner Party

There’s nothing like catching up with friends and family in an environment where you don’t have to worry about spending a whole bunch of money or getting dressed up all fancy. While hosting a dinner party may seem intimidating, this collection of videos from Chef Addie Gundry will allow you to host your loved ones without fear. From choosing a theme that suits your group to picking out the ingredients and finding the perfect drink and dessert pairings, Addie will walk you through the whole process from start to finish. Our Dinner Party collection features an array of themes from Dinner for Two to Italian Cooking and much more. Known for her signature style of easy, elegant entertaining, Addie also gives pro tips on how you can plate and decorate for your guests, so you won’t just be serving dishes that taste amazing, they’ll look like they were done by a party planning expert.

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Harvest Flavor

Most chefs agree that Fall is the most outstanding cooking season. Between all the great veggies at the farmer’s market and apples and pumpkins galore, it’s easy to find any excuse to get in the kitchen. In our Harvest Flavor Collection, we gather all the hearty, cozy flavors of harvest season sure to help you create yummy homestyle dishes with ease. Get nearly 3 dozen recipes ranging from soups and stews like white chicken chili and zuppa toscana to the best pie recipes like the all-American apple pie and the ever-elegant French silk pie. Sink your tastebuds into the versatile pumpkin to make soup, bread and cheesecake bars and don’t forget fall favorites like baked apple doughnuts and pork schnitzel. You will harvest a bounty of deliciousness when you try these recipes!

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Romantic Dinners

Cooking a special meal for someone is the ultimate way to show how much you care. In our Romantic Dinners collection, you’ll learn how to create a fancy dinner, from cocktails through dessert, just for the two of you. Classically trained Chef Addie Gundry teaches you how to express your affection through many recipes, including French and Italian selections that will make your loved one swoon. For the finale, you’ll dazzle your date with a choice of decadent desserts. Chef Addie will walk you step-by-step through each part of the meal, from setting the scene and decorating the table to preparing each delicious dish. Whether you want to make a great first impression or celebrate a lifetime of love, you’ll find the recipes for successful dinners à deux in this collection.

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Summer Party

Summer is that time of year when we spend more time with friends and family—and have plenty of opportunities to put on a great summer party or barbeque. In this collection, Chef Addie showcases the food and drink recipes that prepare her to host the perfect summer party for her family and friends. This collection of special summer food and drink recipes also prepare her to know exactly what delicious and easy-to-make food and drink she can bring when she's a guest at someone else's party! Summer recipes and summer party planning not really your thing? Don’t worry; this collection with Addie will have you mastering new summer recipes, drinks and fun in no time!

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Summer Recipes

Parades. Picnics. Back yard barbeques. Summer is that time of year when we’re ready to settle into an easy, breezy state of mind, and that means more time with friends and family—and plenty of opportunities to put out a great spread. Let your inner chef shine and show friends and family what you can do. In this collection, Chef Addie showcases the recipes that make her think of spending summer days with her family and friends enjoying delicious and easy-to-make food. Don’t really think of yourself as a chef? Don’t worry; this collection with Addie will have you mastering new summer recipes and techniques in no time!

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The Ultimate Desserts Collection

The Ultimate Desserts Collection is a must-have that satisfies any sweet tooth! Get 20+ beautiful recipes covering everything including pies, ice cream, cookies, truffles, and more. Aspiring bakers will get a crash course in the necessary skills to bake all of their favorite goods from pastries to muffins to breads to cakes and beyond. For the fruity fans, we have several options you’ll love. The Mini Strawberry Pies are a fun option for kids to make during the summer, and our Lemon Blueberry Cupcakes are fantastically easy (and delicious) to make year-round. And who can resist a smooth, creamy, chocolatey dessert? With so many delicious treats to choose from, there’s a dessert here for everyone.

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Vintage Recipes

Vintage is in! Take full advantage of the trend with our Vintage Recipes collection, as we look back at some of the most popular recipes of yesteryear. Have a ball- a Cheese Ball, that is- with a 50s throwback appetizer, then serve up our nifty Tuna Noodle Casserole and see why it became such a staple of the era. And no 1950s dinner is complete without a Jell-O Mold! Our retro series continues into the swinging 60s with groovy Grape Jelly Meatballs and an easy step-by-step guide to making Beef Wellington so good it’s outta sight! Next, we’ll boogie on into the 1970s with recipes perfect for parties, family dinners, dessert and more. We’ll show you how to make one of the most popular dishes for entertaining: Cheesy Fondue. Here’s the skinny–you don’t need some fancy fondue contraption to make it! Then, get a little funky with our recipe for Pineapple Chicken. Finally, we’ll take you through the excellent 80s with some culinary classics from the decade. If you’re looking for a simple no-bake recipe, you’ll totally love our Pesto Pinwheels. Plus, our Pasta Salad is sure to add a bodacious burst of color to any dish. So whether you’re discovering these eras for the first time or remembering long-savored moments, our Vintage Recipes collection has something for everyone!

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