Western Recipes

We conclude our U.S. road trip with a tour of the western side of the country. The western part of the country has an incredibly diverse cuisine, and Chef Addie Gundry is here to provide a sampling of every part. We’ll start in the northwest part of the country where cranberries are a seasonal favorite, and there’s no better way to celebrate than with homemade cranberry walnut bread. If you continue to the coast, we have a seafood favorite that takes advantage of the catch of the day. Our homemade cioppino is just as good as anything you’d find in a west coast restaurant. We continue with a western twist on a trendy favorite: avocado toast. This recipe uses tortillas instead of bread for a fun southwestern flair. And if you’re into southwestern recipes, you’re going to love our versions of carne asada burritos and cinnamon sopapillas for dessert. With this class and accompanying cookbook, you have a full western meal right at your fingertips!



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