Retro Recipes: 1980s

The retro series continues with a trip back to the good ol’ 1980s. From Whitney Houston to the Brat Pack to MTV to the popularization of the mullet, there are plenty of reasons the ’80s were memorable. Another reason they were memorable? The food, of course! Chef Addie Gundry takes you through some of the best of the culinary 1980s in this latest episode. Spinach dip was a memorable dish a few decades ago, and we have a simple homemade recipe for that here. If you want to get extra fancy, hollow out a large bread roll, and serve the dip inside! If you’re looking for another simple no-bake recipe, you’ll love our Pesto Pinwheels. They’re quick to prepare and just perfect for munching. Plus, our pasta salad is sure to add a burst of color to any dish from lunch to dinner. Speaking of dinner, the blackened chicken recipe is a keeper. Store any extra seasoning mix in a sealed container and use on roasted veggies, pork, steak, and more! And for dessert, who can resist a butterscotch blondie? There’s no better way to end the day!



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