Recipes for Fall

Fall is perhaps the most prominent cooking season around. With hearty veggies in stock at the farmer’s market and apples and pumpkins aplenty, it’s easy to find any excuse to get in the kitchen. Chef Addie Gundry leads the way in this latest episode that’s all about celebrating the hearty, cozy flavors of fall. And there’s no cozier way to start out than with some adorable mac ‘n’ cheese bites. We put these in cupcake liners, so they’re easy to pop into your child’s lunchbox or munch on anytime during the day. We have a couple of dinner recipes that are entirely seasonally appropriate with sausage ‘n’ veggies and pork schnitzel. The sausage recipe is made using a sheet pan, so it’s super simple to pop in the oven even when you’re juggling your family’s hectic schedules. Feel free to change up the veggies depending on your latest seasonal find at the local farmer’s market! The pork schnitzel is a nod to the famous fall celebration of Oktoberfest in Germany, but you can enjoy this rustic favorite all year long. We finish things off with a sweet apple dessert that captures what we love best about autumn. We think there’s no better way to enjoy the flavors of the season!



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