How to Season Food

Seasonings are the cooking cog that can make or break a dish. If you know how to wield them properly, you’ve armed yourself with a key flavor-defining tool. Abuse them, however, and even the juiciest cut of meat can become inedible. Chef Addie Gundry will walk you through the complex world of seasonings by showing you what seasonings to use with different cuts of meat, teaching you when and how much to season your dish, and how to fix over-seasoning mistakes. She’ll also cover the five seasonings every cook must have in their arsenal, along with some of the most popular seasoning pairings along. She’ll share some practical tips as well about storing seasonings, knowing when to replace them, and when to use dried herbs and seasonings versus picking up something fresh. It’s a culinary master class right at your fingertips!


how to season food

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