How to Cook Eggs

Once you’ve mastered eggs, you’ve mastered one of the most basic, comprehensive skills for being an effective cook. If you’re able to create a tasty egg dish by request, you know you’ve graduated to the intermediate level. Chef Addie Gundry will show you how to create every kind of egg dish you could want, from scrambled to hard boiled to sunny side up to fried to over easy to poached to soft boiled and more. She’ll discuss different seasonings and ingredients to add to each dish to change the texture and flavor. You’ll also learn valuable skills such as how to know if an egg is still good to eat, how to separate yolks from whites, and how to crack an egg without getting shell in it. This all-inclusive egg course will sharpen your natural cooking skills, allowing you to go off-the-book and become more of an instinctual chef.

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