Cowboy Cooking

Howdy, partner! You don’t need to live on a ranch to enjoy the down-home, flavorful recipes that these cowboy recipes celebrate. Chef Addie Gundry takes you through this themed menu, celebrating country comfort. Fancy-schmancy caviar is given a country-style makeover with a colorful mix of produce, including peppers, onion, avocado, and of course, some beans. Speaking of beans, our bean side dish is as hearty as they come, combining beef, bacon, and two different kinds of beans for a dish that’ll keep you toasty warm. A hard day out on the ranch calls for filling foods, which is why you’ll love our hearty cowboy soup recipe. It’s a classic “meat ‘n’ potatoes” kind of dish that can never steer you wrong. If your cowboy cooking is ready to take center stage, you’ll love our casserole recipe that features an all-time favorite—French fries—as the base and topped with melty, gooey cheese. And after all that hard work on the ranch, there’s no better way to finish off the day than with a sweet reward like our oatmeal–chocolate chip cookie. A hard day’s work deserves a hearty menu like this!



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