Baking 101

Aspiring bakers will get a crash course in the necessary skills to bake all of their favorite goods from pastries to muffins to breads to cakes and more. Chef Addie Gundry leads the way with Baking 101, a how-to course in all the little skills you need to graduate from making baked goods from a boxed mix to developing each dish from scratch. She’ll go over skills like how to cream butter, how to whip egg whites, how to properly fold and sift ingredients, how to improvise recipes, how to use a candy thermometer, and so much more. She’ll also tell you the must-have ingredients every baker needs in their kitchen and how each of them contributes to the overall composition. She’ll also discuss different frostings and glazes that go with different dishes, plus add-ins you can sprinkle in to make each dish unique.


baking 101

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