30-Minute Dinners

The school year is about to start, and families are gearing up to get back into their regular hectic routines. Between driving the kids to soccer practice to running out the latest dance recital to juggling parent-teacher conferences, there’s plenty to do in the fall and not much time to get dinner on the table. Chef Addie Gundry is here to the rescue with this simple array of 30-minute dinners that’ll have you in and out the door in no time—all while providing a healthy, filling meal for you and the kids. Sloppy Joes are an all-time classic that are simple enough to reheat if you have leftovers! For something that’s a touch fancier (but still a crowd-pleaser with picky eaters), check out the recipe for Chicken Parm. The combination of chicken, cheese, and tomatoes is sure to elicit smiles from the whole family. Sausage calzones provide a fun twist on the typical pizza night, plus you can freeze extras to reheat later. For the family who can never get on the same page with dinner, try the steak fajitas. Leave out plenty of different toppings, and everyone can pick and choose to customize to their own tastes. And who can forget a classic like spaghetti carbonara with those good-for-you veggies snuck right in. This class demonstrates what it means to be a super parent, and your kids will thank you for it!

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