About the RecipeLion Gold Club

When you have all the tools available to you for delicious, test kitchen-approved dishes, cooking never sounded so good! Welcome to the RecipeLion Gold Club!

This brand-new cooking club helps aspiring chefs improve their skills, without making recipes complicated or tedious to prepare. We’re all about finding the fun in food—connecting you with professionally tested recipes, tips, and techniques that are easy to follow, fun to prepare, and rewarding to serve to your grateful friends and family.

And we never forget the ultimate goal—serving food that is tasty, so that you’ll want to make these recipes over and over again while honing your skills. You’ll add all these recipes to your repertoire as you discover new ways to cook classic dishes and new meals you’ve never tried before.

Chef Addie Gundry is the cooking superstar behind this new club, and she has impressive credentials—Addie, a chef and cookbook author, earned her Master’s Degree in Culinary Arts from Auguste Escoffier in France, won Food Network’s Cutthroat Kitchen in 2015, and has also appeared on Food Network Star. Chef Addie has worked with big names in food and cooking, such as Christian Etienne, Thomas Keller, and Martha Stewart.

And with a Premium Charter Membership in the RecipeLion Gold Club, think of Chef Addie as your very own personal teacher and coach who will guide you to be the best cook you can be. When you join today, you’ll get:

  • Instant access to more than 30 video cooking classes in our library, led by Chef Addie. These classes are on-demand, so you can watch them over and over again.
  • A brand-new cooking class every week, so you can constantly improve your skills and serve your family new and exciting recipes.
  • Full and immediate access to more than 30 cookbooks in the digital library, and a new cookbook released every week—you’ll get 52 new cookbooks over the coming year!
  • Instant access to the magazine library of issues and the upcoming year of issues.
  • Dozens of professionally tested recipes that are available to print with every cooking class.
  • Special cooking-classes and recipe collections around your favorite topics.
  • Chef Addie’s best cooking tips, tricks, and techniques—straight to you from an internationally trained cooking professional!

If you’re ready to learn from a pro, then join the RecipeLion Gold Club today as a Premium Charter Member!

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